We work on Augmented Reality/ Mixed reality/ Digital Twin/ IIOT

Our Industrial 4.0 solutions are focused for OEMs, Digital maintenance, Digital Training, Facility management, Education

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Customize Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality

Placing IIOT values on top of your machines/ Products is the need of the hour

Mixed Reality

Work with Hololens for product troublshooting and product demos for exhibitions

Digital Troubleshooting

Digitalize your troublshooting with PDF/ MP4/ JPG and save time to identify the problem

Digital Twin

Showcase your real twin with Digital twin and map the real time values on the real assets

Industrial IOT

Industrial IOT, that is needed for the digitalization and predective are focused by us

Appville Labs

Experimentation is done on new technologies when the problem is challenging and solution is Industry 4.0 or 5.0

Our short deck

Solutions related to Industry 4.0

Continental - Germany

Augmented Reality with QR code scanning for Hannover Messe 2019

L&T values

Showcasing thier products for the exibition demos

Macdue - Italy

Showcase of an OEM product for exhibitions along with IIOT product

Pneumatic Supplier

Showcasing of real time IOT values of sensors/ FRL values onto a Hololens with troubleshoot guide via video

ITC - Food packing division

Taking real time values from HMI, via deep learning from an iPad app

Our recent presentations

Siemens Forum Siemens Forum
Siemens Forum Pitch @ Cebit
Automation Expo, Mumbai

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Digitalize your products.

Digital Twin

Big Data