Digital Marketing with AR

Digital Marketing with AR/VR/MR

Appville Softwares, one of the growing digital marketing expert gives companies around the world, on how to go about Digital Strategy and Digital transformation. IOT is part of the greater picture with AR/ VR integration.

AR for Retail - Sofa

The unforeseen situation caused by the pandemic has led us to look for new ways to continue the business. The carpentry and wood business is one of the oldest and most traditional businesses that needs a make-over in this current scenario.

Model Showcasing in AR (No apps needed, just browser)
Since the visit/travel of the customer to the physical showroom is drastically reduced, it is difficult to experience the product before purchasing. This can greatly affect the purchasing decision of the customer. Thanks to the latest developments in AR technology, the end product can be experienced right in the customer’s house through their mobile phones.

Although this facility was provided by IKEA a few years back, customers needed to install an app to visualize it. Now, thanks to the development of WebAR tech in Google Chrome and Apple Safari, the customer can visualize the end product in 3d via the browser itself. The lighting on the model, shadows cast by them will actually match the customer’s environment and will blend with real objects in their surroundings.
In the upcoming higher-end models of Android and iOS, depth sensors are also included. This will greatly enhance the end product to be placed in the room without jostling other items in the environment.

To achieve this, the 3d model of the artifact has to be designed and published on the web.

At a Glance

Start Date April 2016
Clients Furniture Industry
Innovation Marketing in AR
Location India
Services Rendered Digitalization
Augmented Reality

Marketing with AR/VR/MR

Marketing of Furniture with AR

Appville Softwares, one of the growing digital marketing expert along with IOT expertise, gives companies around the world, on how to go about Digital Strategy and Digital transformation. In this video, Appville Softwares showcases, how your digital marketing campaign shall be used for converting your retail products digitally and shown using immersive technologies.

The video shows the different parts of the retail customer, in this the sofa, chairs in a virtual environment. This new type of content marketing using digital expertise is the new digital marketing strategy for the organization in this Industry 4.0 environment.

The marketing expert will be able to show the different digital facets of the product using a simple smart phone/ OR mixed reality headsets. On the other case, the end customer can also use these immersive technology and directly feel or see the virtual products without the marketing team near him. This will change how the marketing will be effective during the future and how the marketing strategy needs to be changed at the current digital world.

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