We want to travel everywhere!!! Now it is possible and ofcourse anytime, we can go!!
The pre-requiste is that someone should have done the 360 degree photo and video. Then our experience will be very different. The ONLY problem we have now is we can’t feel it!! Soon, there should be a solution for that also!!

You shall go to a concert in a VR!!
You shall go to the football matches in the VR!! soon!!

Already a company in Germany checking the cloud with 100000 VR devices, and the experience will be the same, as present in the game!!

To see what are the comparisons of the different types, basically, we can segregate into 3 or 4 types

  • 360×150
  • Panorama
  • Full sphere
  • 90% of full sphere etc

The price range starts from 300USD of Theta to that of Nokia Ozo of more than USD50,000 or Next VR which is still higher (But, these figures are only rough idea). Please contact the respective supplier for the current price.

We reviewed the model of Absolute zero and it is a good price and quality match, for a decent output.

Theta 360 degree


Basic Parameters

What are the basic parameters you would need to know, before buying an VR camera!!

  1. Number of cameras – so that whether it is 360degree or only panaromic!! – Some models have only 1 camera, but there are models with 18 cameras, which will not have a blind spot. Blind spot, is one, when a part of an image is missed, which can be noticed, after the final stitching.
  2. Resolutions – as the name suggests, the resolutions range from 2 to 50. Absolute zero was good at 28.
  3. Maximum frame rate per second: The maximum frame rates would be normally from 20 to 90. Absolute zero was good at 60.
  4. Field of view : Streroscopic recording
  5. Global shutter: Only middle end and higher end models have the global shutter.
  6. Binaural sound: Some have 3d sound incorporated inside, like Nokia Ozo
  7. Connectivity: USB or wi-fi


Stitching software: Usually you will need a stitching software to stitch all the images together. Sometimes, the manufacturer doesn’t support this, and you need to get an external stitching supplier for the same. But, it will have it own demerits. Many manufacturers come up with their own software.


Output: Many suppliers give the output either in our local machine, where we have the stitching software, else

Cloud based output is available, where the stitching is done on the cloud and then the output is given in the cloud and then incorporated inside the app.


Models according to types of outputs:

A. 360×150 or so:

  1. Geonaute
  2. Giroptic
  3. 360 Fly
  4. Samsung 360
  5. Kodak SP
  6. Samsung Project Beyond

B. 360×120

  1. Google Jump
  2. Next VR

C. Panaromic

  1. Ricoh Theta
  2. Vuze

D. Full Sphere

  1. Absolute Zero
  2. Bubl
  3. Sphericam 2
  4. Nokia Ozo


These are only a small bunch of cameras and many are there in the markets, which is not shown above.

Contact us for any more details, we shall provide the same !!


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