Is it hype or reality
AR Hype or Reality

After our article in Linkedin about the Gartner Hype theory to prove
that AR/VR is already on the growing curve, rather than the dying
curve – more information, recently got as below – from Gartner

Gartner Hype Cycle Theory

To know about the Gartner Hype cycle, please read at the Linked

You can see that Augmented reality is on the Enlightenment phase soon, and the VR is already ahead of 4-5 years. But with the advent of the ARKIT and Google AR frame, AR will surpass the VR technologies on day-to-day uses. With the release of iOS11 last week, already there
are a bunch of apps for the AR – for games, productivity etc.

Our only concern is whether MR is going to take the lead of the AR&VR together, as Ford is already started using the MR Hololens for its capacity designing, and others like NASA, WWF etc are started using MR technologies for their stake holders.

Next to Hololens, Google Glass will be back soon – with covered up the privacy, and design issues, it will be a revolution to recover all the
costs, it has lost.

Industry 4.0 is real – and AR is a part of it!!

Some other initiatives that Appville softwares is working on the below
line, with respect to Industry 4.0 objectives. The machine shall give
the date of failure, when it is giong to happen and based on that –
the Overall Equipment Effictiveness can be calibrated, and it will be
n added feature – and become a norm – for the OEM, when supplying machines to the production line.

Assembly lines:

Assembly line AR assisted assembly lines, is a reality, and with the integration of
IIOT, the process flow and the machine breakdown/ maintenance
activity, can be easily tracked. The Production capacity and the
alarms will be generated to the user automatically.

Design service:

Product DesignFord is already using MR, Hololens for its design activities. Mostly
the next car, if you buy from Ford, would have been designed by AR
with one of their engineers design. Changing the aesthetic look and the accessories will be done in a fraction of a second. Designer will have a better medium to show the product, rather than to draw/ explain in details.
It can be extended to the dealers, for specific interior and any
specific requests.


With all happening around us at this date, the AR & VR, and of course, MR is NOT a hype, BUT a reality at this juncture. There are lot of things to be rolled up at each market segment. And if you feel, there is a vacuum for  the AR/VR/MR, then consider it as an opportunity and start working towards it. Consult us for more brainstorming.

Meta is also coming up with new versions and ready to ship out.


Meet us next month at the AWE-EU conference for more discussions and LIVE samples of our AR/ MR.


AR: Is it Hype or Reality

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