Augmented reality is used in any field you name it!! Else, let us innovate it.

Some of the usecases that are already done are as below. Appville shall explore some points on each of the usecase in the coming weeks, and explore what else can be done more!!

Whenever there is an obstacle  Рan opportunity can be generated!! РTaking the correct technology tool is the KEY!!

Assembly line: Assembly lineCrew members:

Crew members

Emergency :

emergency media

GPS location services:


Part Inspection:

Insection part

Inventory warehouse:

Inventory warehouse

Item inspection:

Item inspection


Medical appliances

Oil & Gas:

Oil and Gas

Product Design services:

Product Design

Transportation: Airways, roadways, waterways

Airways, roadways

Sales and Marketing:

Sales & Marketing

Support services:

Support services




Much more cases can be discussed. Some more themes and cases are shown at our website


Augmented reality – Usecases

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