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The rise of the machines have started!!

The value of Industrial IOT era has began!!

Data Generation has began!!

The next era will be of data handling, and it has started in India. The theme of the expo has been greatly towards IOT and data collection devices and usage. Though there are reports saying that only 30% pass the success story of data collection, the percentage of success is bound to go high!!

Automation Expo 2018 is an expo held in Mumbai from August 28 till September 1, 2018 – organized by IED technologies. The expo focuses with Industry 4.0 solutions and concentrates on IIOT solutions from various vendors. The participants had variety of PLC, sensors, modules, Embedded boards, Edge devices, HMI and other intelligent devices that are finding places in the process industries and OEM segment. Many PLC manufacturers are looking for cloud solutions and actively searching for partners.

On the macro level of Industry 4.0, only one segment is evolving, IOT. The other segments of Augmented/ Virtual/ Mixed Reality, Big data, Digital Twin etc were not focused on the expo theme. The use cases were countable. But, the use caess on the IIOT, of collection data and focusing on the Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) is focussed more on the process industry. There were few industries, who had OEE on their regular schedule, who have transformed from Excel sheet to Cloud based solutions.

We, Appville Softwares, predict that dashboards are only a temporary effect in the Industry 4.0 ecosystem. India is yet to get revolutionzed with Predictive analysis and Mixed Reality. We strongly feel, the jargon of Industry 4.0 will have these two – Predictive and Mixed Reality – in the next one year, in India.

We, Appville Softwares, are doing few projects in Predictive analysis and finding out the algorithm for each industry is the key factor. We are one of the key companies in India, who does Augmetned Reality for the Industrial sector and we are doing Mixed reality projects with Microsoft Hololens. The only difficulity is that cost factor of the hardware itself, for which the Indian market is not yet ready. Appville softwares is testing new devices other than Google glass and Microsoft Hololens for its customers. We shall soon given an analysis of the different Mixed reality wearables.

Some of the stalls were also with the concept of Connected ecosystem, where they invited other parter companies to form a single booth – to grow together. This was also seen in Hannover Messe concept. The common protocol associations also had common both with their partners exhibiting their usescases. As a special edition, IED communications, the organizer had come up with Industry 4.0 solutions in a seperate booth, with top corporates alone sharing the booth space (may be because of the financial stretngth only big companies were in those standups).

AGV were seen in two or three stalls alone, which could be the future workspace area for human/ man machine interface.

Technology focus:

Industrial IOT: Many companies from PLC, sensors, embedded boards, smart boards, interconnectivity were there.

Augmented Reality/ Virutal reality/ Mixed reality: Only very few companies were able to find, including Appville Softwares. We strongly belive Mixed reality will have a bright future for the Augmented workforce.

Digital Twin: Few companies were working on Digital Twin, which will be an enabler, for virtual twins. These will be the key growth factors for digitazation. Very few companies, like Emerson had put some usecases on Digital twin and were able to speak on the algorithmic functions they use.

Appville Softwares, a technology driven company, focuses on Industrial IOT, Augmented reality and Digital Twin for its customers usecases. We also work on the Image processing digitzation of the full product – which will be the use-case in the years to come.


Automation Expo 2018 – Preview of Appville softwares
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