When we are excited and inspired with the thriving concept of IoT that is spreading its wings around smart homes, transportation and health care, there is also a shoot on the other end of the advancement, that encompasses industry.  The fast-developing industrial ecosystem is ready to embrace the progressive IIoT, the Industrial Internet of Things that elevates automation and combines intelligent machines in the workplace. The application aids in advanced predictive analysis and the acumen of the human-machine combo at the work-place, to improve productivity and reliability.

A keen watch would reveal that, IoT provides a promising space for a range of smart devices that have self-configuring abilities and cyber personalities, that swarm to be ubiquitous in every space possible. What is more enthralling is the role of IIoT in the Industry 4.0 scenario that calls for cyber-physical systems, cloud computing and cognitive computing apart from the IoT. The emergence of smart factories that integrate automation and information, are inevitable and its penetration is evident across industries including oil and gas, chemical industry, transportation, manufacturing, aviation, energy and logistics.


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Amongst the plethora of opportunities in a plenty of sectors, Manufacturing is the largest IIoT market in India, where the technical and political scenario aspires in uplifting manufacturing and digitisation. A smart factory is one that has a system of materials, machines, tools, inventory and installation that are linked with a communicating system of intelligent sensors, secure software and logical control.

The transportation sector is deemed to be the second largest market for the IIoT, where in a number of cities are revolutionising the transportation infrastructure with optimal safety and optimum costs. The huge volume of data and information of the transportation sector -companies and agencies – is viable to optimize operations. By creating intelligent transportation systems, tracking of individual vehicles will be possible that could aid in mitigating traffic congestions.

The IIoT applications calls for standardized smart machines to interact. Standardisation and security has to be ensured because, any new device connected to the stream ought to have a smooth interface with the existing network.Our AR Kit provides you with the ease of integrating your machinery in a wholesome aspect, right from integrating your CAD software to service requirements while troubleshooting and breakdown.

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