The recent trends in the augmented reality field is with the elimination of markers. Yes, with better cameras and accurate sensors and high end processors inside the mobile, Augmented reality is transitioning from image OR qr-code based to markerless experience.

The new logic detects the floor, or rather the edges of the floor and tries to keep the virtual objects on top of the floor, to be a real looking one.

Markerless Options are from the two majors of the mobile with Apples ARKit and Google Tango project, AR-Core.


ARKit is pretty much simple with the objects to be recognized with the number of differential points on the floor object OR the table object. Though, it can place object on a plan surface, but the object with a rough patch will deliver better and stable objects.


Google Tango uses a camera to scan the environment with its real-time logic, using the data to spawn a virtual environment around the user. Lenova has Phab2 and Asus has ZenPhone for its users. It is learned, that it will be common soon.

The shift in the AR to head mounted devices is targeting with Microsoft Hololens opening up new possibilities to new market segments in an infinity manner. Tha education, gaming arena and along with retail and advertising is changing the world with numerous possibilities and new wearables market.

Microsoft Hololens
Microsoft Hololens


Combining marker less AR with broad acceptance of wearable will make Augmented reality a common experience to a novice user.


Appville project – Object recognition with Apple ARKit

AR Kit - of Silo
AR Kit – Object Recognition


AR Kit – Silos



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Markerless Augmented Reality

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