Digital Expo in Augmented Reality

Agumented Reality Digital Expo

Touchless/contactless interaction is the new way of interaction among inidividuals. Even exhibitions/expos are becoming virtual. Advancements in browser technology, has led to rich set of graphics and processing that happens in browser itself. The virtual exhibition with the images, videos and brochures would be provided in the virtual booth which otherwise would have been provided in the physical exhibition.

With people used to new way communication with video calls and online chats, virtual exhibition aided with live chats and video calling facility provides way to contact the customers with the sales team. This form of communication greatly boosts the conversion of leads.

Post-pandemic, even if physical exhibitions re-appear the virtual exhibition will still co-exist.

At a Glance

Start Date March 2017
Clients Indian Drives Manufacturer
Innovation AR/VR Digital Expo
Location India
Services Rendered Digitalization
Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality Digitalization

AR/VR Digital Expo

In this video, Appville Softwares showcases, how a virutal expo can be organized with the help of immersive technology with different stalls as space pods in the virtual environment.

In this video, the digital marketing can be done as a AR service digital campaign, with the different stall pods - different stalls - in an organized manner around the user. In this way, the digital expo shall be an interactive tool for the virtualization of the company stalls in a digital enviornment. You can see, the different companies, shall be able to showcase their digital content of videos, images, and PDF digital content in a virtual manner to the prospective customer. The kind of digital marketing is overtaking a customized internet marketing theme with the new AR experience that the user will have in any part of the connected world.

Similarly, an AR training can also be done for a new employee on selecting the right component in any training process and learning environment. In this way, the learning curve gets shorter with more than expected faster results. This is a seen as a game changer technology, for any new employee training using this Augmented reality immersive technology. Industry 4.0 is changing the factory scenario into a new digital level, where the connected worker is handled remotely with any new problem and successfully changing into digital transformation.

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