Augmented Reality for Connected worker

Appville Softwares devliers augmented reality solutions for industrial connected worker

Have you been in a situation, where your end customer wants immediate service from you via remote connection, and you were NOT able to give a solution. No need to think twice hereafter. With the advent of Industry 4.0 solution, you will be able to work on your remote troubleshooting services with no Problem.

The connected worker shall be able to get guidance via a remote assistance app using immersive technology. The expert sitting on the other end of the world, in his office, will be able to connect with the remote worker with the help of augmented realty technology. This troubleshooting shall be able to be done with ease, with simple dialing over an android/ IOS phone and on the other end, the expert shall be able to guide and draw on the video shown by the end customer site. The beauty of this immersive technology, is that the identification mark shall marked on that point, even when the remote worker move away and come back.

Troubleshooting a machine or panel or product, in a remote location is the need of the hour.

Advantages of AR for connected worker

  • No need of a specific app to download
  • Showcase the 3d part of your machine - on a browser on your customer mobile phone
  • Your customer can visualize the 3D model on his phone on every angle
  • The product can be placed on his workfloor OR on his office table immediately

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Augmented reality compressor

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5 easy steps for Connected worker AR

1. Install Appville AR-CONNECTED WORKER app in your phone

2. The remote worker dials the expert sitting in the office

3. The remote worker shares his screen and shows the problem

4. The expert can see the remote worker and 'marks' on his device

5.The remote worker will be able to see those 'marks' and solve the problem

Few More thing you should know

What device the expert sitting in office should have?

It can be a smart phone without AR capabilities

Whether this can be done with wearable device

Yes, it can be done with Hololens, Realwear OR in AR CORE and ARKit devices

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