AR for Business

Appville Softwares devliers AR for Business applications, including showcasing your product in a 3D environement and at the customer place, with the latest AR technology.

Advantages of AR for Business

  • No need of a specific app to download
  • Showcase the 3d part of your machine - on a browser on your customer mobile phone
  • Your customer can visualize the 3D model on his phone on every angle
  • The product can be placed on his workfloor OR on his office table immediately

Visualize Augmented reality on your shopfloor

Augmented reality compressor

AR Compressor

3 easy steps to see your product in AR on your floor

1. Scan the below QR code with your smart phone - Android or iOS (iPhone/ iPad)

2. View the model on the browser. Tap the button AR icon on the bottom right and scan the floor/ table

3. Tap an area on the phone to view the model LIVE!!

Note: Your phone should have AR capabilities. Android users should be able to install this.

For support contact Appville softwares

Compressor Valve
QR code AR for all QR code AR for all
Compressor Image Valve Image
Link - Compressor Link - Valve

Few More thing you should know

Whether we need to download any app?

No, you don't need to download any app. You can view the model in the browser in 3D

Can we see the AR for all, without any limitation

Android phones - ARCore phones

iOS phones - An iOS or iPadOS device with iOS 11 and an A9 processor or later.

What is the best browser

Android phones - Chrome browser

iOS phones - Safari browser

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