IOT usecases - dashboard
Virtual IIOT - Dashboards

Virtual IOT dashboard in Augmented reality

Appville Softwares showcases, an Industrial IOT application which shows real time values from a PLC/ SPS onto the cloud technology and then visualized onto a virtual dashboard, which changes dynamically as the value in the PLC changes. Usually, there are 3 main technology, connection between PLC and an IOT box, sending it to the cloud and then display in the dashboard. The technology in the cloud will enable to receive the variables instantly with MQTT technology.

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iPHone - IOT screen
Mobile app

Mobile app for Shift Data

Shift data for a particular hose machine was done and given to the end client by an OEM supplier. The shift data shall show all the production parameters as shown in the HMI screen. Some of the values are calculated at the cloud level and then displayed at the app. Trigger based analytics was also done.

IIOT - Plc type of protocol
Collection of values

Data collection with IOT device

Data is the important thing in any field, if you want to monitor and put a graph. The different ways of collecting data from various machines in a shopfloor, depends on the different topology. Appville implemented two different kinds of topology, according to the levels of difficulty and also according to the levels of protocols in the machine/ robot.

IIOT Predecitive Analysis
Predictive maintenance

IIOT - Prediective technology

Data collection is absurd, if not useful data is inferred. The data collected over the past few months, needs to be analyzed and predicted according to the different usecases. Appville is working in some of the usecaes, where vibration monitor sensors are mounted on the motor, predictive for the conveyor belt failure, and other bearing failures are being tested.

Predecitive maintenance
Predictive Analytics

Steps for Predictive maintenance.

Different logic and different protocols needs to be analyzed for each usecase and accordingly, the algoritm needs to be designed and implemented to each machine/ product. The data needs to be gathered, and then stored in a cloud technology, and if necessary, cleaned and washed out the necessary data. Then it needs to be analyzed and then display the useful and meaingful data to the end customers.

IOT and Digital twin with conveyor
Digital twin and IOT

IOT for digital Twin

The data that is received directly from the drive to the cloud, including the speed, temperature, torque and status of the drives are displayed in augmented reality over real time values. Also, these values are put up inside the clone of the same machine, and the cloned values, shall adhere to the real ones, and which is a realistic usecase for distant machine monitoring.

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IOT for Panel values
IIOT with IOT sensor

IOT from simple sensor

Internet of things, can be achived with a simple sensor and potentiometer and the values can be tracked directly inside the augmented reality field, via the cloud technology. MQTT is the most preferred method for most of the client usecaes. You can see the value of the count and the POT speed is dynamically shown in the Ipad, as the values are changed.

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IOT for motor training
IIOT with AR

IOT monitoring of values

The usecase of removal of the HMI from the machine, and seeing the direct IOT values onto the ipad screen OR the MR glasses are the upcoming technology. The values can be received to the cloud technology and then shown in the immersive reality section, either with augmented reality/ virtual reality and the values shall dynamically change, as the values change at the motor/ drive level. .

IOT for dashboards
IIOT - Dashboards

Dashboard for OEM

Packing machine OEM, machine data was collected from PLC and IOT sensors and dashboard were put according to the machine serial. OEE was calculated based on the OEM calculations and the daily production preformance was monitored by the end customer.

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